Micro WET-CON Split Connectors

Micro WET-CON Split Connectors

Product Features

  • New pin design

  • Up to 16 contacts

  • Water blocked option available

  • Up to 20,000 psi/10,000 psi

  • Up to 600 VDC with standard cable

  • Up to 19 amps

SEA CON® has now added a range of split connectors to it’s popular Micro WET-CON wet mateable series. This series of connectors was originally developed to provide all the features of the ALL-WET connector range, but in a miniature industry standard configuration. The introduction of the new split connectors to the Micro WET-CON range will prevent costly ‘Y’ assemblies and will allow ease of replacement of break-outs by the customer. This smaller connector series offers the same flexibility and reliability as SEA CON®’s standard rubber molded connectors, in a lightweight and user-friendly model.

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