SURVEYOR-HD PRO Ultra-wide Angle Underwater Colour Zoom Video Camera

SURVEYOR-HD PRO Ultra-wide Angle Underwater Colour Zoom Video Camera

Product Features

  • High Definition 1080p

  • Fully Geometric and Chromatic Abberation Water Corrected Optics

  • Component, HD-SDI or HD-SDI Over Fibre Output

  • 100° Ultra-wide Diagonal Angle of View

  • 4,000 or 6,000 Metre Rated Titanium Housing

The Bowtech Products SURVEYOR-HD PRO ultra-wide angle underwater HDTV camera is designed to provide the viewer a greater angle of view, from the standard Surveyor HD, whilst remaining compact and very competitively priced. The camera is ideal for ROV inspection tasks, scientific observation and broadcast applications. Video output is available as HD or HD-SDI over fibre.

The camera is available in a variety of control formats, including the Bowtech Products GUI, which facilitates the control of all features including white balance, auto tracking and back light compensation, which can be switched on or off using the GUI.

Excellent images are obtained, through the fused quartz hemisphere window and the camera is ideal for overall scenes and close-up inspection. The camera uses a remote control setup. The optics are fully corrected for radial lens distortion and chromatic aberration.

The camera is housed within a 4,000 metre rated titanium housing, with a 6,000 metre option and has a fused quartz hemisphere window.

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