Stanley Tools TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump

Stanley Tools TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump


  • Submersible and Self Priming

  • Dredges solids up to 4 inches in size

  • Removes sand, clay and mud from work structures

  • 800 gpm (3,028 lpm) discharge

  • Easy volute inspection and clean out

  • Can run dry without damage

  • 4 in. discharge

  • Steel volute, cast iron impeller & polyethylene wear plates

  • CE Certified

The Stanley TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump is used for dewatering, dredging, cleaning and as a effective bilge pump. The gear motor is direct drive to the cast iron impeller with easy access for clean out of the fabricated steel volute.

The Stanley TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump has been designed to get the most from an HTMA Type II hydraulic circuit. Using only 9 gpm/34 lpm of hydraulic flow, the TP08 will pump over 800 gpm/3,028 lpm at a 10 ft/2.54 m head. The free-flow impeller and 4 in./ 100 mm inlet and outlet combine to make the TP08 one of the most efficient pumps in the business.

Weighing only 59 lbs/27 kg and with its convenient handle, the Stanley TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump can easily be handled by one operator. The Stanley TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump and the Stanley HP1 Compact Power Unit make a powerful, portable team for high volume de-watering and trash pump applications.

The heavy-duty construction of the Stanley TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump features a fabricated, all steel volute and abrasion resistant cast iron impeller. The volute uses replaceable UHMW polyethylene wear plates to reduce wear and extend pump life. The heavy-duty Stanley HYREVZ™ hydraulic motor is self-lubricating.

Routine maintenance for the Stanley TP08 Heavy Duty Trash Pump is easy. The top cover is attached to the volute with six wing nuts so cleaning and inspection can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Note: In an effort to improve portability and ease of use, modifications have been made to all TP03 and TP08 model trash pumps. For both pumps a quick link clip (p/n 73577) and carrying handle (p/n 73576) were added and connected to the eyelet located on the top plate. The rounded handle allows for increased comfort while carrying when compared to the previous square handle. With the clip feature, the handle can be removed to allow for large crane hooks to attach to the eyelet. In addition, the color of the TP03 urethane bowl has been changed from black to yellow. This change was made to increase pump visibility while operating in murkier substances or liquids.


  • Capacity: 4 in. NPT with 4 in. Camlock
  • Performance: 800 gpm / 3,028 lpm
  • Flow Range: 7-10 gpm / 26-38 lpm
  • Working Pressure: 2000 psi / 140 bar
  • Full Relief Setting: 2250 psi / 155 bar
  • Weight: 63 lbs / 281/2 kg
  • Length: 18 in. / 45.7 cm
  • Width: 19 in. / 48.3 cm
  • Hydraulic Ports: 10 SAE Pressure / 12 SAE Return
  • Connection: 1/2 in. NPT
  • Couplers: Yes
  • Hose Whips: No