ST6K Underwater Xenon Emergency Relocation Strobe

ST6K Underwater Xenon Emergency Relocation Strobe

Product Features

  • 6,000 Metre Depth Rated

  • High Intensity

  • Pressure Switch

  • Daylight Switch

  • Long and Short Housing

  • Remote Head

The Bowtech Products ST6K, Xenon submersible strobes are self-contained, compact, high intensity xenon beacons, designed for use as a visual aid to locate submersible vehicles or instrumentation packages when they surface for recovery. They can also be used to mark underwater objects, vehicles, divers or work sites.

The high intensity Xenon gas discharge lamp has a maximum power rating of 0.3 watt seconds and can be seen from up to 4 miles away, depending upon atmospheric and wave conditions, observer’s height, and frequency setting of the strobe. Underwater viewing distances vary, depending upon the water clarity.

The ST6K is available in several different configurations, with a choice of on/off switches, housing sizes and remote flash heads.

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