S-SERIES Connectors

S-SERIES Connectors

Product Features

  • S4: Simple & unique design based on CM2000

  • S4: 4-channel optic

  • S4: Up to 3,000 psi

  • S1: Small size, simple & robust

  • S1: Single channel optic

  • S1: Tested to 3,200 ft (1,000m)

The S-SERIES is a small modular underwater mateable, fiber connector. The configuration is a 4 channel device that facilitates underwater connection of the optical fibers. It utilizes modular optical contacts in such a way that the standard CM2000 electrical contacts may be incorporated and as such is a high quality hybrid. The S-SERIES connector is ideally suited where subsea fiber optic connectors are required in less aggressive clear water environments.

The S1 connector is a small single channel underwater mateable, fiber optic connector. It utilizes the same modular contacts as the S-4 connector.

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