PC/MIL-60 Cutting Torch Kit

PC/MIL-60 Cutting Torch Kit

The Broco® PC/MIL-60 cutting kit is used on recovery vehicles and service trucks, in field maintenance shops and heavy equipment repair centers. The PC/MIL-60 is an economical, efficient means of enhancing recovery and repair capabilities while improving operator safety.

The PC/MIL-60 credentials include field testing at Fort Knox and Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and use in Kuwait during Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a Basic Inventory Item on the Army’s M88A2 Recovery Vehicle and the General Dynamics M-1 based Abrams recovery vehicle (AMV-90), and British MOD Challenger Recovery Vehicle (CARRV).

The PC/MIL-60 Cutting Torch Kit includes

  • Broco® Cutting Torch with 30′ hose and cables and 30�hose/cable extension set
  • Cutting rod extender, providing 36″ additional reach for safety standoff while cutting reactive metals or items under tension
  • High volume oxygen regulator
  • NATO Slave Plug
  • Tinted safety goggles (#5 shade)
  • Leather welder’s gloves
  • Broco® cutting rods, 3/8″ x 36″
  • Pelican storage case
  • Parts and accessories

NOTE: Oxygen supply and electric source are user supplied.

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