Our Communicator  Unit has been specially developed with the aim of preventing dust and water from entering its interior. Each component was chosen based on the minimum requirement of obtaining an IP67 system.

The design of the front panel has been conceived to make water tight between the panel and the protective/transport case that contains all the electronics. The front panel is provided with a gasket which makes a seal between the panel itself and the protective case.

We have developed a modular system capable of being reconfigured in order to have batteries of different capacities based on operational needs.


The 1 Diver Comms design facilitate the maintenance and identification of any problem. We have created a series of electronic boards becouse we wuold like to reduce the amount of wiring inside the unit. Where possible each specific group of components on the front panel has been connected to a dedicated board. Through the use of this solution we have succeeded in creating a linear and easy-to-use system.


      • Separate channels and volume controls for the Diver
      • Separate channel and volume control for the tender
      • Internal charger and battery
      • Audio OUT for recording (with separate volume control)
      • Audio IN (with separate volume control)
      • AC Power  Operating 90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
      • External Power supply 12VDC
      • Operational mode: 4-wire mode (full duplex)  and/or 2-wire (push to talk)
      • Dimension: 31 cm x 24 cm x 20 cm
      • Weight (114-1DLX): 5 Kg


Included with Comms Unit:

    • Hand-Held Push-to-Talk Microphone
    • 1  x 12 VDC 3,4 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Gel-Cell Rechargeable Battery
    • User Manual
    • 2 m AC Euro Power Cable (CEE 7/7)


The 1 Diver Comms is design also to have both the possibility of operating connected to the electrical network and / or to a 12VDC source.  A control of the system is made by a battery board which control the correct battery charging cycle and status. 

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