Mini-Tac Portable Breaching Torch Kit PC/MTMODAL & PC/MTMOD1

Mini-Tac Portable Breaching Torch Kit PC/MTMODAL & PC/MTMOD1

The Broco® MINI-TAC tactical torch kit is used by the U.S. Army, the FBI and other special units including the London Fire Brigade and Australian Navy. It is the smallest, most portable exothermic torch kit on the market today. The MINI-TAC is used in situations when the operator must make a small number of strategic cuts to enable him to complete his objective.

The Broco® MINI-TAC is available with all-metal aluminum oxygen cylinders or filament wound aluminum composite cylinders.

The aluminum cylinders (torch set model no. PC/MTMODAL) are certified for North America only (DOT & TC) and recommended for all U.S. law enforcement & military customers who do not have their own oxygen booster pump. These cylinders are 15 cubic foot capacity at 2,000psi (135 BAR).

The composite cylinders (torch set model no. PC/MTMOD1) are certified for North America and Europe (DOT, TC, EN). They have a capacity of 15 cubic feet at 3,000psi (200 BAR) and so should only be purchased by North American customers with access to an oxygen booster pump. Commercial welding gas suppliers will not fill these cylinders. The export version ( model no. PC/MTMOD2) has BS 341-3 valve and regulator connection & 230V input battery charger.

The MINI-TAC contains two oxygen cylinders, submersible oxygen regulator, torch, oxygen hose, 2-pole striker plate with cover, battery assembly with charger, 18″ rod extender, Molle carry pouch, leather shield, protective gloves, safety glasses, sample packets of 3/8″ and 1/4″ diameter cutting rods, collets to fit 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″ cutting rods and a foamed storage case.