Micro WET-CON Connectors

Micro WET-CON Connectors

Product Features

  • New pin design

  • Up to 16 contacts

  • Water blocked option available

  • Up to 600 VDC with standard cable

  • Up to 19 amps

The Micro WET-CON connector series was developed to provide all the features of SEA CON®’s ALL-WET connector series, but in a miniature, industry standard configuration. The small size offers the same flexibility and reliability as our rubber molded connectors, in a light-weight and user friendly model.

The Micro WET-CON series allows for smaller through ports in a pressure vessel and a greater density of conductors in a compact area. The smaller cables decrease the overall weight and drag of an ROV or other vessel. This connector range is wet-mateable and therefore enables connections to be made underwater, on-deck or in any weather condition.

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