Industrial Ultrathermic Rods

Industrial Ultrathermic Rods

Broco® Industrial Prime-Cut® and Prime-Cut® PLUS Ultrathermic rods contain core wires which burn in excess of 10,000° F at the tip. Broco® rods cut, melt or liquefy virtually any known substance.

These internal rods are recessed at the torch end to prevent burn back into the torch. This safety feature is unique to Broco® Industrial. Circular crimps secure the internal wires. Broco® Industrial Ultrathermic rods can be bent without restricting oxygen flow or splitting enabling the operator to reach difficult or otherwise inaccessible places and ensure even burn.

Prime-Cut® rods are available in 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ diameters and varying lengths. Size choice makes them efficient and adaptable to specific applications.  Rods sized 3/8″ x 18″ and 3/8″ x 36″ are Broco’s new Prime-Cut® PLUS cutting rods, producing 20% longer burn time and 25% more cutting per rod.

All Broco® rods are manufactured under rigid quality control standards and inspected prior to packaging for reliable performance.

3818/PC-10 3/8” x 18” Rods 10 lb. box (27 rods/box)
3818/PC-25 3/8” x 18” Rods 25 lb. box (68 rods/box)
3836/PC-10 3/8” x 36” Rods 10 lb. box (13 rods/box)
3836/PC-25 3/8” x 36” Rods 25 lb. box (33 rods/box)
3860/PC-25 3/8” x 60” Rods 25 piece bundle
1418/PC-10 1/4” x 18” Rods 10 lb. box (56 rods/box)
1418/PC-25 1/4” x 18” Rods 25 lb. box (137 rods/box)
1436/PC-50 1/4” x 36” Rods 50 piece box
1248/PC-40 1/2” x 48” Rods 40 lb. box (24 rods/box)
31618/PC-20 3/16”x 18” Rods Package of 20

PC/XT Rod Extender Increase reach by 36”
BOC-LO45N O2 Cylinder, Aluminum 45 cubic feet @ 2216 psig
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