Field Installable – MUX Cable Connector System

Field Installable – MUX Cable Connector System

Product Features

  • RUFF-NEK connector

  • Underwater Cable Termination System

  • Armor Termination Assembly (ATA)

  • Breakaway Unit

In recent years the search for oil has required operations in progressively deeper waters by mobile offshore drilling units. Drilling at these depths places strong demands on equipment, particularly the cable and connectors that link subsea operations to the surface. SEA CON® addressed the equipment problem by developing an underwater connector system with high reliability, improved condition assessment capability and better maintainability. SEA CON®’s next-generation multiplex (MUX) cable termination system is the tangible result of the company’s ability to apply real-world operator field experience to its product design and produce a step-change improvement in connector performance.

SEA CON®’s range of MUX systems consist of 1 Atmosphere and Positively Pressurized (RUFF-NEK) connector solutions as well as the new underwater cable termination system which consists of the Armor Termination Assembly (ATA), Breakaway unit and RUFF-NEK connector.

The RUFF-NEK connector is an electro/optical/mechanical termination that contains an integral system that does not rely on separate external compensator systems to apply a constant overpressure (internal pressure greater than external pressure) to the end of the cable and termination volume. The overpressure is maintained at 15 pounds per square inch (psi) over ambient pressure and helps to prevent water intrusion into the termination chamber that could be caused by flooding of the conductor strands (in the event of cable jacket and conductor insulation breach) or by seal failure. In the cable termination system the ATA is affixed to a clevis mount (padeye) at a convenient location on the BOP (Blow Out Prevention) stack while the RUFF-NEK connector mates to either a transformer module, crossover or directly to the subsea electronics module (pod). The orientation aspect that can be a problem with a conventional connector is eliminated due to the breakaway unit that interfaces the ATA with the BOP, enabling a connection in 90-degree intervals.

There are many benefits to the cable termination system including a lighter, more manageable connector, separate armor termination function from electrical connector function and a controlled breakaway function.

Every seal is redundant (e.g., dual versus single o-ring) for maximum reliability, and everywhere possible, the seals are testable to enable verification of seal integrity off the critical path. The RUFF-NEK connector provides visual verification of correct pressure over ambient. It also includes the ability to electrically check for fluid contamination without opening the connector.

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