Dry-Mate Optical Connectors

Dry-Mate Optical Connectors

Product Features

  • Single-mode & multi-mode


  • Insertion loss < 1.0dB (or < 0.5dB)

  • Up to 20,000 psi

  • Glass sealed options available

As organizations in the subsea industry develop more applications with fiber optic technology in mind, there has been a dramatic increase in the quantity and complexity of electro-optic connector configurations needed to fit these applications. In order to meet the changing requirements of customers, the SEA CON® Group has developed a comprehensive and extensive range of fiber optic products which are designed and manufactured to meet the specific and varied environmental conditions imposed on connectors today.

Our standard dry-mate optical products are based around three of SEA CON®’s connector ranges; the MSS (Metal Shell Series), MINI-CON and the latest OPTI-CON series which was developed in response to a need for a standard high quality electro-optic connector.

With over 13 years experience in underwater optical connectivity, SEA CON® can offer optical dry-mate, wet -mate, underwater mateable connectors, optical penetrators and optical fiber management systems.

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