Downhole – HP / HT Connectors

Downhole – HP / HT Connectors

Product Features

  • Pressure: 15,000 psi

  • Voltage: Up to 1,000 VAC Up to 2,500 VDC

  • Current: Up to 10 amps

The SEA CON® Group have developed and tested a large range of products suitable for the unique specifications required for downhole applications such as HP / HT high operating pressures (to 15,000 psi), high operating temperatures (to 300°F), space restrictions and the requirement for hermetic sealing to prevent migration of downhole fluids through the connector.

The range of SEA CON®’s products concludes a full system of downhole connectivity:

Downhole Electrical Inserts and Boots
Dry-Mate Connectors – HPHT Series
Electrical connectors
Optical connectors
Electro-Optical connectors
Underwater Mateable
Electrical connectors – CM2000 Series
Optical connectors – MICROSTAR and G3 Series

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