Miniature High Resolution Camera

Product Features

  • High Resolution Colour or Monochrome
  • Low Light Sensitivity
  • 65 diagonal angle of view
  • 720 TV Lines
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 100 m or 300 m operating depth

The Teledyne Bowtech DIVECAM-720 miniature high resolution underwater CCD camera, provides a low cost solution to shallow underwater viewing and observation to either 100 or 300 metres.

The camera has a high quality hard anodised Aluminium housing fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens giving a diagonal field of view of 65 degrees in water.

With an acrylic window, the camera is rated to 100m operating depth, the deeper 300 m version has a Sapphire glass window.

The miniature, high quality Sony 1/3″ CCD sensor offers high resolution and low light level sensitivity, achieved by using 10 bit digital processing. It is the ideal camera for underwater viewing tasks.

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