Breachers’ A.R.C. Backpack System

Breachers’ A.R.C. Backpack System

Accommodates Cutting AND Advanced Respiration Capability in an easy to carry package.

The Breachers’ A.R.C. is a fully-modular backpack system to allow the side-by-side use of Broco’s® exothermic torch with user provided respiratory protection. It is now the standard backpack for Broco tactical & recovery torches. Serious breaching operations often encounter smoke and gases that can derail or detain a forced entry or rescue operation. With the Breachers’ A.R.C. backpack, Broco® tactical torch set and a compatible SCBA (user supplied) operator momentum is sustained as operators can breathe freely while utilizing the portable power and speed of the Broco® torch to destroy almost any obstacle.

The Breachers’ A.R.C. features:

  • comfortable backpack Molle platform with cylinder support enclosures
  • battery bag
  • rod extender and cutting rod holders
  • pouches for mask, hoses, cable, and keeper clips

Additional cylinder bags (in two sizes) are available separately.

Users can custom configure the system to the immediate requirements of the operation including adaptation to a full-size torch with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) or mini-torch and SCBA among other solutions.

Double the cutting time! A second oxygen cylinder can be carried to extend operational capability. Broco’s® accessory manifold (PC/TACSSMAN) joins both cylinders to a common regulator. Hand-tighten fitting permit reconfiguration in the field.