BP-INVERTER 200W IP64 Inverter Portable Splash Proof Unit

BP-INVERTER 200W IP64 Inverter Portable Splash Proof Unit

Product Features

  • Extremely Compact Size

  • 12Vdc to 230Vac Inverter (BP-INV-001)

  • 24Vdc to 230Vac Inverter (BP-INV-002)

  • IP64 Rating

The Bowtech Products BP-INVERTER 200W IP64 inverter is a portable splash proof unit that was designed initially with the Bowtech Products MCVIS-1 in mind however is suitable for operating most common equipment.

This system converts negative-earth battery power into a nominal 230Vac / 50Hz supply and has a nominal continuous power rating of 200W. If the unit becomes too hot, the current limiting circuit will be triggered causing the output from the unit to switch off.

An alarm will indicate if the battery is becoming considerably discharged. The tone becomes louder as the battery progressively discharges, prompting recharge. The unit will deactivate if the battery falls too far.

This entire system is housed in a watertight case, measuring just 300x249x119mm and only weighs 3kg (cable assemblies are extra). As well as being easy to transport the unit is very easily maintained and requires no maintenance. The system is fitted with a 30 Amp fuse intended to protect the user and unit, if external faults were to occur.