PIONEER Multipurpose Camera with LEDs

PIONEER Multipurpose Camera with LEDs

Product Features

  • High Resolution 720 TVL

  • 6 Integral High Intensity LEDs

  • Full Control of Lights, 5 Optional Control Methods

  • 57° Diagonal Angle of View in Water

  • 4,000 m Rated

The Bowtech Products Pioneer is a high resolution underwater colour CCD camera with six integral high intensity LEDs. It provides a cost effective solution to general underwater viewing and observation, down to 4,000 metres ocean depth.

The camera is ideally suited to observation of tooling and manipulator tasks. The fully controllable integral LEDs remove the requirement for separate lights where space is restricted.

Lighting control is factory set as either Analogue 0-5V, Analogue 0-10V, Tristate, RS-485 or Power Cycle.

The camera is enclosed within a high quality titanium housing, rated to 4,000 metres operating depth. The camera is fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens, giving a 57° diagonal angle of view in water, through a sapphire window which is highly scratch resistant and 99.8% optically pure. The camera features built-in reverse polarity protection.

The miniature, high specification 1/3” sensor, offers 720 TVL high resolution and excellent low light level sensitivity.

The Pioneer is also available as a monochrome version with improved low light sensitivity.

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