DTR-65-HRC Colour TV Camera

DTR-65-HRC Colour TV Camera

Product Features

  • Compact

  • Swivelling Head

  • Integration into Special Tools or Motorised Tractors

  • Suits Inspection of Pipes with an ID of 100 to 1200mm

This DTR-65-HRC is a swivelling head, colour TV camera, featuring the “Dome-Tilt-Rotate” process, with 220° of tilt and unlimited rotation, under a transparent dome. It uses a cold light source mounted on the viewing head.

This light, made of Ultra Brite LEDs, with 50,000 hours life time, combined with a high resolution and sensitivity electronic block, provides incomparable chromatic fidelity and excellent quality images.

The camera is used with the VSR 65 controller and it has the benefit of digital control technology, which permits:

– to keep the high resolution of the video signals – to secure high control precision – to secure the resolution of the embedded sensors

The main applications of the DTR-65-HRC camera are the survey of process and through-wall inspection.

Its compactness (65mm OD, 173mm L), permits integration onto special tools, or motorized tractors of the Pipe Cruiser range, for inspection of pipes, with ID 100 to 1200mm.

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