Amron International Model 3120 Bell Box

Amron International Model 3120 Bell Box


  • Five separate circuits, three for diver’s comm, one for bellman’s headset, and one for bell speaker

  • Diver and bellman headset circuits are 4-wire, bell speaker is 2-wire

  • Talk back speaker, bellman’s headset connector, three diver’s umbilical connectors

  • Connections on bellman’s headset and diver’s umbilicals are identical and interchangeable. Allows bellman’s headset to substitute for diver’s umbilical or helmet

The Amron International Model 3120 Bell Box is designed to be used in diving bell applications. Materials and components used are well suited to the hostile environment of the bell. This is a unit designed to survive.

Bell Box: Part Number 3120 Includes

  • (3) 2 Pin 4 Contact Male Waterproof Connectors: Part Number B51F4M-1
  • (1) MS Connector 20 Pin: Part Number MS-3106E-28-16S
  • (1) MS Cable Clamp 24/28 Shell: Part Number MS-3057-16A


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