Amron International Amcom ™ I Communicator with Rechargeable Battery

Amron International Amcom ™ I Communicator with Rechargeable Battery

SKU: 2810E


  • New MP3 Player Input – Connects to an external audio signal for diver entertainment

  • Improved battery life – 85 hours

  • Improved speaker clarity

  • Enough audio power to support two divers

  • External 12 VDC power connection

  • Independent diver and tender controls

  • All connections on side of case for remote operation with lid closed

  • 2- and/or 4-wire operation standard

  • Tape Record Jack is standard

  • The unit can be left on charge indefinitely without damage to the batteries or communicator (2810E versions only)

  • The communicator can be operated directly from the charger where AC power is available (2810E versions only)

The Amron International Amcom ™ I Communicator with Rechargeable Battery boasts 20 watts of audio power with state-of-the-art electronics to make the Amcom ™ I Series the best portable one-diver communicator for hard-wire underwater radio communication on the market. It now features an MP3 connection that allows you to listen to your favorite music while you work. Housed in a compact and extraordinarily sturdy case, this diver communication radio is available in the traditional 6-Volt lantern battery non-rechargeable version, as well as a rechargeable version, which is powered by Amron’s external charger and optimized with a gel-cell battery.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Amron’s communications equipment is designed to be used in air chambers where oxygen concentrations remain below 23.5%. Our communications products (including communicators, speakers, entertainment systems, and other communications accessory items) are NOT esigned for oxygen service, are not intrinsically safe, and do not meet the criteria given in NFPA-99, Chapter 20 and other applicable definitions. Use of our products in high-concentration Oxygen environments may result in serious injury and/or death.

Rechargeable with External Charger: Part Number 2810E Includes


  • Power : 12-Volt DC
  • Frequency response : 300 to 4000 Hz
  • Audio power output: 20 Watts per channel
  • Isolation transformer: Split Bobbin Medical Grade
  • Rechargeable Battery: 1 each 12-Volt DC slide terminal gel-cell. Expected life: 85 hours

Weight and Dimensions

  • Height: 7.0 in. (28.0 cm)
  • Width: 9.0 in. (35.4 cm)
  • Depth: 6.55 in. (25.3cm)
  • Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

Tech Note

All communicators will transfer topside noise to the diver when using the radio speaker only. To eliminate background noise and achieve clear concise communications, use a Push-to-Talk microphone, headset, or a Remote Walk-and-Talk with a headset.

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