3D-HD High Definition Underwater Stereoscopic Video Camera

3D-HD High Definition Underwater Stereoscopic Video Camera

Product Features

  • 3D (stereoscopic) Imaging

  • High Definition

  • 1080i/720p HD

  • Dual HD-SDI or HD-SDI over Fibre

  • 60° Diagonal Angle of View

  • 4,000 or 6,000 Metre Rated Titanium Housing

The Bowtech Products 3D-HD high definition stereoscopic underwater camera incorporates two high definition cameras into one housing. The camera transmits either dual HD-SDI or HD-SDI over fibre to the surface, where the data is converted back into two HD-SDI signals.

On the surface, these signals are simply fed into 3D monitor with integral sync, or processed via our 3DHD-ADC-UDC-SYNC 19” rack, to deliver synchronised images suitable for recording. With the use of polarised 3D glasses, the observer can see a perception of depth from the images displayed.

The core technology builds on our highly acclaimed Surveyor HD camera, providing dual 800+ TV lines resolution images, at either 1080p in 25 or 60 Hz output, or 720p, in 50 or 60 Hz output.

The twin cameras incorporate 1/2.8 inch HD CMOS CCD, giving exceptional picture quality and horizontal resolution of 800+ TV lines. Standard video output is HD-SDI with fibre option.

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