3D-ADC-UDC-SYNC Analogue Digital Converter

3D-ADC-UDC-SYNC Analogue Digital Converter

Product Features

  • Converts Composite Analogue Video Signals into SDI

  • Up-scales SDI Signals to HD-SDI

  • Synchronises Two Video Signals into 3D Output

  • For Use with SD and HD Cameras

The Bowtech Products 3D-ADC-UDC-SYNC incorporates three functions in a single multi-purpose unit.

The 3D-ADC-UDC-SYNC is compatible with either the 3D-HD or 3D-SD underwater cameras to use any, or all, of the unit functions dependant on the system requirements.
The converter has left and right analogue inputs and two SDI outputs.

The unit converts analogue composite video signals into serial digital interface signals.
The unit can also upscale standard definition into HD-SDI and synchronise two signal inputs into an output for 3D stereoscopic viewing on the monitor screen.

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